• Hard work and dedication- All Southern Cross employees display a strong work ethic, exceptional skills and a dedication to perfection.
  • Attention to detail- We strive to deliver the utmost detail in all of our plats. We will locate and map out key features of your project in order to make the plat as detailed as possible as well as easily understandable.
  • Timeliness- We are able to begin work on most projects quickly, with fast turn-around for deliveries.
  • Personal Relationships & Close Client Relations- The owner of Southern Cross is hands on and eager to serve each of his client's individual needs, no matter how big or small.
  • Each plat will likely be hand delivered to our clients on site, allowing the surveyor to answer any questions a client may have about the project, guaranteeing satisfaction.
  • If this is your 1st time buying a house or purchasing property, our surveyor will be glad to meet you at the property when the job is complete to walk the property lines with you, help answer any questions about boundary lines you may have and discuss ways to protect your boundary & property in the future.
  • On stakeout/construction surveys, we work closely with project managers through completion to ensure all of their needs are met in a quick, precise and most cost effective way possible
  • Experience- With a strong background in Boundary and Construction work, form work and structural layout, our personnel can approach a problem from many different angles ensuring an effective solution is achieved.
  • We have performed countless boundary Surveys, Flood Certificate, Subdivisions and Re-Subdivisions in the Birmingham Metro area and throughout Shelby and Chilton Counties