What is a wetland map and how is it used?

A wetland map is necessary for a wetland inventory and crucial for wetland management, protection, and restoration. These maps provide information on location, size and possible type of wetland.

Local, State, and Federal agencies use wetland maps as does private industry and organizations for many different reasons. When development is in the beginning stages of planning, a wetland map assists with the environmental impact assessment and proposed construction buffers. Wetland maps can document the changing environment as related to habitat studies, natural resource inventories and wetland status.

What can Southern Cross do?

After the wetlands are identified by a qualified professional, our survey crews will map and located the size and establish relevant elevations to the area and project. The area Wetland Survey will be useful with permitting and evaluating the approach for development, and if seeking wetland credits through Wetland Mitigation Banking may be needed. For more information about the wetland credit system visit the USDA website:USDA Wetland Mitigation Banking

We gladly serve the entire State of Alabama and surrounding areas. To get see if our company is a qualified for your Wetland Survey project, call Clayton (205) 685-5300!