It is often necessary for one or more property boundary lines to be physically marked. This process helps protect your property and clearly visualized where your boundary is on your property. Property line markings may be helpful to settle disputes between adjoining property owners before the dispute escalates, getting expensive and mentally taxing for all land owners involved. This can be especially beneficial on property lines that are long and too far to pull a string along, overgrown, or hilly terrain.

We place property line stakes close enough to make useful when running fence, identifying trees or evaluating your property for future use. Any Property Line Staking should always follow a Boundary survey, we will not stake property lines until our surveyor has performed a complete Boundary Survey of the property, where property corners have been identified or set in agreeance with the Probate Records for that county.

Trust Southern Cross for your property line staking in Birmingham, and surrounding areas in Alabama.

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