Boundary surveys can be as straight forward as locating, marking and mapping your property to meet Alabama Survey Standards. More detail may be needed if the project involves a parcel to be split, or if any type of design/developmental planning is expected. We can assist homeowners, realtors, brokers, engineers, architects and developers with a full range of services. We provide surveying services throughout the entire state of Alabama.

All property corners will be found, or set, and marked very clearly with pink ribbon and a wooden stake driven in the ground, usually within about a foot of the metal property corner being marked. All structural features of the property will be shown on a plat including any buildings, fences and any possible encroachments. We are very willing to work with you and give all our clients the time they deserve, if you have any special request or an area of interest, let us know and we will be sure to formally address the issue.

Whether for a residential or commercial survey, we at Southern Cross have the expertise and passion to satisfy all of your needs in the southern Birmingham area or throughout the Alabama.
To get an estimate for a Boundary Survey, call us at (205) 685-5300